Center for
Discovery Science and Health Informatics
College of Health and Human Services


The mission of the Center for Discovery Science and Health Informatics is to research computational methods to improve healthcare cost, quality, safety and effectiveness. Specifically, it conducts basic and applied research on developing computational theories, analytic methods, and software applications that support decision making and discovery of knowledge from healthcare data. This includes data mining, artificial intelligence and other knowledge discovery methods and tools tailored towards the meaningful use of health data, health services research, evidenced based practice, and decision support for a variety of health system stakeholders and end-users (clinicians, managers, researchers, policy makers, and consumers) from all sectors of the health system. To achieve this objective, the center focuses on research and services in healthcare informatics:

  • Creating methods for intelligent healthcare data analysis,
  • Creating methods for patient-centric healthcare decision support,
  • Conducting health services research,
  • Creating methods for individualized comparative effectiveness,
  • Identifying solutions to support the meaningful use of health data,
  • Applying new methods to solve problems in health data management, data integration and knowledge discovery to support health information exchange,
  • Developing and testing analytic methods that support decision-making and meaningful use of health data,
  • Hosting diverse, longitudinal datasets,
  • Supporting education in health informatics, and
  • Disseminating knowledge about the field of applied health informatics and knowledge discovery among researchers, students and healthcare professionals.
The center collaborates with GMU Machine Learning and Inference Laboratory (whose focus is on development of computation methods), the Center for Health Information Technology (whose focus is on development and use of technology in healthcare), and the Center for Health Policy, Research and Ethics (conducts research on health policy).

Faculty and students from a variety of academic units at George Mason University work with the Center to conduct interdisciplinary research in health informatics and provide service learning and research mentorship for students across campus.

To learn more about the center, please contact Dr. Janusz Wojtusiak.


Check undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs in health informatics with the Department of Health Administration and Policy

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